Suffolk Record Office

Find out about the Suffolk Record Office, including how you can explore the archives, view and book onto events and book a search room.

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The Suffolk Record Office maintains a historical record of Suffolk and its people.

We look after original documents obtained from many different sources. We also store published works like histories, poetry and newspapers.

CARN tickets

We will continue to accept existing CARN tickets as long as they are still in date or valid and have not expired.

We are not issuing new CARN tickets as the national system ended on 30 November 2018. We are issuing Suffolk Record Office tickets instead.

Suffolk Archives website

The record office have their own website, Suffolk Archives, which you can use to:

  • browse archive collections
  • book a search room session
  • view events and book yourself a place to attend
  • find out about the service
  • find details of each of our offices
Go to the Suffolk Archives website


Accessibility guides

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