Suffolk County Council investing £12.8m to decarbonise its buildings


Properties, including fire stations and libraries, will receive investment as the council continues to drive its ambition to be Net Zero by 2030.

Suffolk County Council will be committing £12.8m towards reducing the carbon produced by buildings in its corporate estate.

Cabinet members today (9 November 2021) approved a report to commit to this investment, as well as implementing the SCC Energy Management Strategy, as recommended by the Climate Emergency Policy Development Panel.

Councillor Richard Rout, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and Environment at Suffolk County Council, explains:

“The report that we have approved today outlines an implementation plan for how we approach reducing the carbon emitted by the hundreds of buildings we own. It is a considerable milestone in our journey to Net Zero.

“The detail of the plan can now be developed and our corporate property team will work with central government, partners, industry experts and our own in-house professionals. They will now develop more detailed plans to ensure we are delivering effective projects with a clear focus on value for money.

“We know that significant, urgent investment is needed to fund carbon reduction projects within our estate and this multi-million pound investment is an indication of our commitment.”

The council already has a history of providing dedicated investment to improve the energy efficiency of its buildings and services, which has led to reductions in carbon emissions in recent years. Previous projects have included replacing fossil fuel boilers with bio-mass units, installing solar panels and solar hot water systems, rainwater harvesting and updating lighting.

This latest investment will also work towards reducing energy consumption across the council’s buildings to mitigate the effects of increasing energy prices and associated costs.

Through the Energy Management Strategy, the council will target how it can be ‘smarter’ with its buildings by reducing electricity consumption, reviewing the heating and cooling of its buildings, continuing its LED lighting rollout, replacing older fossil fuel boilers and generating its own energy.

Councillor Rout adds:

“We have been working with partners across the county for many years to understand the impact we are having on climate change. At Suffolk County Council we have introduced many projects to address our carbon emissions, and continue to source a range of other funding to support our ambitions.

“With COP26 emphasising that now is the time to act, this £12.8m investment is a timely announcement that will progress our ambition to be Net Zero by 2030.”