Improvement works to go ahead at Tayfen Road, Bury St Edmunds, following public consultation


Following a four-week public consultation, work to improve the junction of Tayfen Road in Bury St Edmunds will go ahead next year.

Tayfen Road improvementsThe work will support the expected growth of the town over the next 14 years and will improve conditions for cyclists and pedestrians, and manage traffic flows, by replacing the Tayfen Road roundabout with traffic lights.

A toucan crossing will be installed on the Tayfen Road arm of the Northgate roundabout and the pavements on Tayfen Road, Station Hill and Fornham Road will be widened to help both cyclists and pedestrians travel safely around the area.

A cycle link from Fornham Road (connecting to The Maltings cycle bridge) to Cannon Street will be created and the two-lane vehicular approaches to the junction on Compiegne Way and Tayfen Road will be extended, which will allow for more cars on this stretch of road and for better traffic flow at the junction.

A total of 181 responses were received – 128 car drivers, 38 pedestrians, 11 cyclists and one bus driver - with 3 respondents not stating whether they walked, drove or cycled.

Out of 172 people responding, 132 agreed the route between the town centre and the train station should be improved for pedestrians. 59.8% of the 174 people who answered the question of whether they agreed with the Tayfen Road proposals, said they did.

Of the 160 people who answered whether the Northgate Roundabout should be improved for pedestrians and cyclists, 107 responded that they thought it should.

Councillor Jane Storey, Suffolk County Council’s deputy leader, said:

“Responses to the questionnaire indicate that these works have the potential to encourage drivers to leave the car at home and walk or cycle to and from, and in and around, Bury St Edmunds.

“Many people believe the facilities for walking and cycling in the area could be improved and we want to see that changed.

“Based on the responses we received, we will be undertaking the works as proposed – but where possible we will look to see how we can reflect some of the comments made by those who took part in the consultation and make adjustments to the work done.”