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You may notice some changes to our website over the next few months. Find out what we're working on, and why. on a mobile and laptop

In 2015 we relaunched, updating our design, content and features.  

The feedback we received was positive. Over the past 3 years we've seen more people accessing information and services online. And our website's rating in Socitm's Better Connected survey was also raised from 1 star in 2014 to a maximum 4 stars in 2016.

But technology, user expectations and digital best practices are always changing. It's important that our website continues to evolve to provide ​the best possible experience for people in Suffolk.

That's why we're improving the following areas in the next few months:

Site search

We'll be updating our site search to make it easier to find the information you need. New features will include suggested searches that appear as you type, and the ability to tailor results according to service and user feedback. 


Websites should be accessible for everyone. We've learned what we need to improve to meet the highest web accessibility standards. We're looking forward to rolling out these changes in the coming months. 

Layout and navigation

Research has shown us that a shorter and simpler homepage will make using our site quicker and easier. So we'll be updating the design of this page. This will include adding more direct links to our most visited web pages. 

Get involved

You can help us test changes to Your feedback will help us make the website simpler and easier for everyone. 

If you'd like to get in touch, please contact

You can continue to leave feedback about any aspect of by using the orange feedback button.