Making Every Intervention Count

An overview about how this key Suffolk County Council programmes will transform the way we deliver services.

Our vision

We want safer, happier children and to enable families to create sustainable change for themselves.

Making Every Intervention Count is the three year programme of work to help deliver this vision and transform the services that support children, young people and families in Suffolk.

Key Principles

A number of key principles underpin the way we work.

  • Children, young people and families at the heart of what we do
  • Suffolk Signs of Safety & Wellbeing approach at the heart of how we practice
  • Effective early help and, where needed, intervention
  • One Family, One Plan, One Lead Worker
  • Making the best use of community assets and universal services
  • A strong local network of professionals
  • Building resilient families and communities
  • A skilled and confident workforce
  • Building on what works

Our services

Together with partner agencies and community organisations we respond to the needs of families through a combination of universal & community services, early help services and social care services.

Universal services are available across the county for all families to access through local:

  • children’s centres
  • health visiting and school nursing teams
  • schools
  • GPs

There're also a wide range of community organisations across the County and Suffolk InfoLink provides an easy way to find out more information.

Early Help teams offer informationguidance and support for children aged 0-19 and their families.

Social Care services work with children and families where there are more complex or challenging issues.

These services work together in a coordinated way, including with partner organisations to meet a range of needs. 

  • Provide support, information and guidance for parents and their children 0-19 (up to 25 for those with additional needs).
  • Work with children, young people and their families to increase their skills, knowledge and confidence and emotional well-being.
  • Provide Parenting Support and Parenting Programmes.
  • Promote health development and the prevention of illness in children.
  • Provide a variety of general health, immunisation and sexual health services and education support within school settings.
  • Promote regular attendance at school.
  • Work with young people and their families to identify barriers to progression into learning or training.
  • Work with families and other agencies involved with a child to make sure there are timely and appropriate plans to keep children safe.
  • Provide social care, education and health services for children and young people with additional needs and disabilities
  • Provide Fostering & Adoption services for children unable to live with their birth parents for a variety of reasons.
  • Work with young people who have offended and are at risk of offending and anti-social behaviour.

In supporting families, CYP services work closely with services provided by our partners including:

  • Schools
  • Health Services
  • Mental Health
  • Police
  • Adult Services
  • Borough & District Councils
  • Voluntary & Community Services

We – and our partners – need to 'make every intervention count', both because that is the right thing to do for children, young people and their families and because we cannot afford to have systems that are wasteful of resource.

Map of local teams

Early Help & Social Care Local Area Leaflets

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