Council departments, services and senior officers

Find out about the council departments, covering adults and communities, children and young people, public health and protection and resource management.

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Adult and Community Services

Our remit covers social care, arts, heritage, sport, libraries, safeguarding, and building strong communities.

Children and Young People

The Children and Young People's (CYP) Service Office brings together early help, education, youth, community health, early years and specialist services.

Public Health and Protection

The work of the Public Health and Protection Directorate covers, Public Health, Fire and Rescue, Community Safety, Trading Standards and Emergency Planning

Resource Management

Resource Management includes a number of different services at the corporate centre of the organisation.

Chief Executive Officer

Sue Cook is the interim head of Suffolk County Council's paid staff. She helps set the council's aims and manages its performance.

Chief Finance Officer

Louise Aynsley, the Chief Finance Officer, makes sure the council manages its budget correctly and makes financially sound decisions.

Monitoring Officer

Tim Ryder, the Monitoring Officer, makes sure that the council, and it's councillors, follow the law and the council's constitution.