Snailwell Road, Newmarket consultation

Our consultation on proposed works in Snailwell Road, Newmarket to the existing horsewalk between Fordham Road to Malcolm Way closed on Friday 9 December 2016.

This consultation has now closed.

There are two proposals in Snailwell Road that we would like your comments on by Friday 9 December 2016:

  1. Fordham Road to Malcolm Way – improvement  to the existing horsewalk
  2. Malcolm Way to Godolphin Stables - proposed new Horsewalk 

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Fordham Road to Malcolm Way - works to existing horsewalk

Concerns were raised by residents that the current horsewalk arrangement had narrowed the road, making it unsatisfactory and unsafe for users.

There was additional concern about a lack of consultation over the design, drainage and furniture details.

An independent safety audit concluded that the current layout, while not unsafe, could be improved to maximise benefit, utility and safety for residents, riders and horses. 

Download Fordham Road to Malcolm Way proposed widening of road (PDF, 314KB)

Malcolm Way to Godolphin Stables - proposed new Horsewalk

There is no designated horsewalk along this stretch of road. Horses from Pegasus Stables accessing the north end of the existing horsewalk at Malcolm Way must either use the road, the western footway or the verge.

None of these are ideal in their current condition, mostly for reasons of safety.

In recent months one horse has been killed as a result of a collision with a vehicle and several other horses and their riders have been injured as a result of slips on the paved surface.

The proposals for works therefore include a new horsewalk along the grass verge, extending from Malcolm Way northwards to the entrance of the Godolphin complex.

Download Malcolm Way to Godolphin Stables - proposed new Horsewalk (PDF, 321KB)

Snailwell Road - Footpath on West Side

Concerns have also been expressed about pedestrian safety on the west side of Snailwell Road, between Fordham Road and Malcolm Way.

Anecdotally this suffers from obstruction through parking, and over running of the kerb by heavy goods vehicles turning into the commercial properties on the east side.

Although works to protect this footpath are not included in these proposals, please share any comments or observations that you have on the west side of Snailwell Road for planning any future package of works and routine maintenance.

Snailwell Road - other highway issues

You can make comment on other highway issues relating to Snailwell Road.

Download Snailwell Road - other highway related issues (PDF, 248KB).