Resident parking scheme consultation for Stoke Bridge area of Ipswich

Residents and businesses were invited to share their views about our plans to consider introducing a Residents Parking Zone in the Stoke Bridge area of Ipswich.

This consultation has now closed.

We're aware of parking difficulties experienced by residents and businesses close to the railway station and within the Stoke Bridge area of Ipswich.

We're considering introducing a new Zone 5 Residents Parking Zone to better manage parking within the area and offer some protection in residential streets against commuter, shopping and leisure users. 

Stoke Bridge area of Ipswich


What next?

We will:

  • collated all of the views
  • analyse all the responses
  • give further consideration on whether there is need or desire to introduce a Zone 5 Residents Parking Zone.

Resident Permit parking scheme

The advantages of introducing a resident permit parking scheme, residents who do not have an off-street parking facility, would have reasonable opportunity to park close to their homes. It can also improve arrangements for visitors as residents can purchase visitor tickets.

All kerbside space will be controlled removing possible commuter parking. However, there are disadvantages to a scheme as permits to park in the area are charged to the residents within the zone area as parking schemes are expected to be self-funding, paid for by those who benefit.

In some cases, such schemes can reduce the amount of on street parking due to the need to introduce passing places waiting restrictions on junctions. Residents parking schemes do not offer any guarantees for space to be available and vehicles without a permit can park in the zone outside of the restricted times.

Residents parking scheme conditions

To ensure continuity, the scheme would be introduced at the same costs, times and restrictions as the other Resident Parking Zones in Ipswich (current costs shown):

  • One permit per household at a cost of £35 per annum for first permit (interchangeable between any vehicle)
  • One permit per household at a cost of £60 per annum for second permit (interchangeable between any vehicle)
  • Business permit available at a cost of £200.
  • Residents Parking controlled periods 8am – 6pm Monday to Saturday. non-residents can park in bays up to 1 hour free by displaying time clock (these issued free to the resident with first permit)
  • Visitor permits can be purchased (£1 per day – maximum 50 permits available - resident must have a permit to purchase)

To be workable, a Residents Parking Zone must contain a reasonable number of streets and cannot be implemented along isolated single streets. The roads that are being considered for the scheme are shown on the plan below.

Visit further information about residents parking zones.