Resident parking scheme consultation for Stoke Bridge area of Ipswich

Our consultation on a resident parking scheme (zone) for the Stoke area in Ipswich closed on 23 November 2018.

This consultation is now closed.

Suffolk Highways is looking to establish whether a new residents parking scheme (zone) within the Stoke area of Ipswich would be both desirable and practical.

The purpose of a residents parking scheme is to give residents and businesses the priority to park in streets that currently experience difficulties as a result of substantial commuter or shopper related parking.

Earlier in the year, some local residents contacted County Councillor Jack Abbott directly with their concerns. As a result, Councillor Abbott would like to invite you to share your views on the concept of a new residents parking scheme for the area.

Stoke bridge area, proposed boundary zone

The advantage of introducing a resident parking scheme is to give residents reasonable opportunity to park close to their homes. A second permit for each household can be issued if required.

Permit holders can park on any street within their zone.

The scheme can also improve arrangements for visitors as there is an option to purchase visitor tickets.

All kerbside space will be controlled to remove commuter and shopper related parking.

However, there are limitations to such a scheme as permits to park in the zone are charged to the residents and in some cases, it can reduce the amount of on street parking which may or may not be of benefit depending on location.

Residents parking schemes do not offer any guarantees for space to be available and vehicles without a permit can park in the zone outside the restricted times.

To be viable, a residents parking zone must contain a reasonable number of streets and cannot be implemented along isolated single streets.

To ensure continuity, the scheme would be introduced with the same enforcement times as the other residents parking zone in Ipswich - “Permit Holders Only - Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm”.

Suffolk Highways will not impose residents parking on streets where there is not a clear majority support.

Permit types and fees

First Resident Permit (car or motorcycle)

£40 annual fee

Second Resident Permit (car or motorcycle)

£70 annual fee

Business Permit

£200 annual fee

Visitor Permits (booklet of five 1 day Vouchers)


1 hour Visitor Time Clock

Free with first permit

Replacement Permit (lost, stolen or damaged)


Please note that these fees are set to cover the cost of enforcing the restrictions and operating the scheme and not with the intention of making a profit.

Take the online survey for residents or for businesses:

Alternatively, you can download and complete the consultation questionnaire (Word, 512KB) and email it to or post to:

Safety and Speed Management Team
Suffolk Highways
Phoenix House, 3 Goddard Road