The relocation and expansion of a pre-school at Exning Primary School

We are consulting on a proposal to relocate and expand a pre-school on the Exning Primary School.

Suffolk County Council together with Exning Primary School are consulting on a proposal to relocate and expand the pre-school on the Exning Primary School site in order to meet the increasing demand for pre-school places in the area.

Notice is hereby given that Suffolk County Council intend to apply to the Secretary of State for Education to dispose of approximately 434.1m² of playing fields at Exning Primary School under Section 77 of the School Standards and Framework Act 1998. Subject to Secretary of State approval it is proposed that a pre-school is built on this land. The pre-school will have its own building, access and play area and will be run independently of the school. 

The reduction in the size of the playing fields will not affect the day-to-day operation of Exning Primary School nor the accommodation of after-school clubs and teams who currently use the grounds.

You are able to view plans of the proposed developments below:

We welcome your feedback on the proposals. You can complete a comment form online or write to use at:

Schools Infrastructure Team
Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
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Completed comment forms must be received by Sunday 19 November 2017.