Nacton Road, Landseer Road and Rands Way, Ipswich consultation

Our consultation on the junction improvement scheme in Ipswich ran from Monday 6 November 2017 to Monday 4 December 2017.

This consultation has now closed.

Ipswich’s population is set to grow by 42,000 over the next 19 years. This growth is predicted to have an impact on traffic levels in and around the town.

Suffolk County Council (SCC) has been investigating what this means for the existing road network and has successfully bid to the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) for funding for road and junction improvements.

The total fund is £5 million with £3.5 million coming from the LEP and SCC contributing £1.5 million.

The proposal for this location is part of a wider package of measures across the town that will help ease congestion and enhance the sustainable transport provision.

Nacton Road, Landseer Road and Rands Way

This location forms part of an important route between the A14 and the south east of Ipswich.

It has been identified as an area that needs improvement because it suffers from several challenges, including:

  • heavy congestion, particularly at peak times
  • a number of reported accidents at the junction
  • larger vehicles using this junction that overrun the roundabout creating maintenance problems
  • poor pedestrian and cycle crossing facilities
  • rat-running occurring from Felixstowe Road through Rands Way to the junction

To address these issues and to provide a junction that is fit for the future we are proposing to convert the current four-armed roundabout to a three-armed signalised junction.

The Rands Way arm of the junction will be closed off to motorised traffic, and for those using Rands Way there will be a turning space at this end of the road.

The proposed changes to the junction will:

  • improve the volume of traffic able to pass through the junction
  • improve walking and cycling facilities and provide safer crossing points at the junction
  • reduce the road maintenance costs by removing the roundabout

Download a map of the junction plan (PDF, 256KB).

This consultation is closed.

Consultation events

As part of this consultation, we will be hosting two consultation events in Ipswich, where the public can learn more and speak to members of Suffolk County Council’s programme’s team.

Consultation events
16 November 2017 5pm to 7pm Gainsborough Sports Centre, Brazier’s Wood Road, IP3 0SP
20 November 2017 6pm to 8pm Gainsborough Room, Murrayside Learning Centre, Nacton Road, IP3 9JL
29 November 2017 12 noon to 2pm Gainsborough Community Library, Clapgate Lane, IP3 0RL

Public inspection points

Information about the consultation is available at two public inspection points from Monday 6 November 2017 to Sunday 3 December 2017.

There won't be anyone from the programme team to talk to at these events. If you wish to talk to someone please attend the consultation events listed above.

Public inspection points
6 to 19 November 2017 9am to 5pm Gainsborough Sports Centre, Brazier’s Wood Road, IP3 0SP
20 November to 3 December 2017 9am to 5pm (open from 11am on Sundays) Gainsborough Community Library, Clapgate Lane, IP3 0RL 
6 November to 3 December 2017 9am to 4pm on weekdays Suffolk County Council, Endeavour House (Reception), Russell Road, IP1 2BX

Proposed plans at the junction of Rands Way, Nacton Road and Landseer Road will not go ahead

Last month, as part of a package of works to improve the road network around Ipswich, we asked people for their views on the proposals at the junction of Rands Way, Nacton Road and Landseer Road. 

The proposal for this work included plans to remove the roundabout at that junction and replace it with traffic lights. The lights would enable better control of the traffic in the area and enable more opportunities for cyclists and pedestrians to cross the road safely. 

The proposal also featured a move to close off the junction of Rands Way, making it a cul-de-sac.

The four-week consultation, which was advertised in this column, on social media and on signs at the junction, had more than 700 responses. Just under 80% of those who filled in the survey felt the traffic already moved through the junction freely, with more than 75% of respondents believing the area needed no improvement. 93% of those who responded also thought the proposals would not reduce congestion.

The reason we held a consultation for this proposed scheme was because it included significant changes and we wanted public feedback. 

There was a great response to the consultation, which is always pleasing to see. I'd like to thank those who took the time to complete it and respond. The reason we consult is so we can take on board what people think. We know changes to the road network are contentious and we also know that people hate sitting in queues of traffic. We're working hard to improve things for everyone - motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users. 

At this point, with the response from the public, we have taken a decision not to carry out this proposed scheme at this junction.

Instead, we will continue to monitor traffic and will review the area as part of the consultation on the Upper Orwell Crossings next year. The construction of the crossings will change traffic patterns in the town, so future changes may need to be made. However, any changes are very unlikely to include the proposal to close off Rands Way. 

The next piece of improvement works

The next set of works will be at the junction of Nacton Road and Maryon Road, starting on 8 January for a period of six weeks. Traffic is congested at the junction and the traffic lights are out of date, working on a fixed time plan that includes the exit of the former Holywells High School. 

The new traffic lights here will respond to queues of traffic and for a short stretch the road heading towards the town centre will be widened to two lanes. We'll also remove any street furniture that no longer has any use and update the out of date street lighting with better, more efficient LED lights.

Paul West
Cabinet Member for Ipswich
County Councillor for the Bixley Division

Read the consultation report (PDF, 176KB).

Contact us on 0345 603 1842 or email if you have any further questions about this consultation.