Lake Lothing Third Crossing consultation

Our consultation on our proposals for a new crossing over Lake Lothing in Lowestoft ran from Monday 4 September to Monday 23 October 2017.

This consultation has now closed.

Lake Lothing Third Crossing closed bridge

Suffolk County Council is seeking your views on our proposals for a new crossing over Lake Lothing in Lowestoft.

The existing bridges over the lake at Mutford Lock and the A47 Bascule Bridge are inadequate to meet current and future traffic demand. Delays and congestion are a common occurrence for drivers, particularly during peak hours, and pedestrians and cyclists often have long and difficult journeys as they travel across the town.

A crossing will open up opportunities for regeneration and create a new link between north and south Lowestoft.

This new crossing presents an opportunity to introduce a focal point for the town, enhancing its identity. This will help to regenerate the area and attract new investment in the local economy.

This is a significant project for Lowestoft and it is important residents, businesses, landowners and all those affected by, or interested in, the project have their say.

View the Lake Lothing Third Crossing proposed project map (PDF, 754KB).

Our proposals for the Lake Lothing Third Crossing aim to improve journeys and connectivity, help meet the aspirations for economic prosperity and provide a new feature in the town for all users to enjoy for years to come.

The project will include a new multi-span bridge from Waveney Drive to Peto Way. The bridge will be a single carriageway road with facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The proposed design includes new roundabouts to the north and south of the lake to help connect the traffic smoothly into the existing road network, as well as provide public spaces for people to enjoy.

Changes to the road layout include a new access from Waveney Drive to Riverside Business Park and closure of Durban Road at its junction with Waveney Drive.

360 virtual reality views of the project

View 360 views of the Lake Lothing Third Crossing project, showing 6 locations.

For more detailed information about the proposals please see our consultation brochure and the other documents listed below.

Background information

Full report



Planning application process

The Secretary of State for Transport has directed that Lake Lothing Third Crossing is to be treated as a Project of National Significance for the purposes of the Planning Act 2008. As such, we are required to make an application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) to obtain permission to construct, operate and maintain the project.

Following the formal public consultation, we will carefully consider all responses received and produce a report on the consultation. This report will form part of our DCO application, to the Secretary of State.

The Planning Inspectorate will examine the application and make a recommendation to the Secretary of State for Transport, who will decide on whether the project will go ahead.

We currently intend to make our application for development consent in early 2018.

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