Day care service provision in the Newmarket area

Outcome of the proposed options to change how day care services are provided in the Newmarket area.

This consultation is now closed.

Consultation on the funding of the Newmarket Community Hub

We received a small number of responses to the consultation into the future of the Newmarket Community Hub, which closed on 9 September and are grateful to those who did respond and for the views expressed regarding the future of the service.


All of the responses received favoured keeping the Newmarket Hub open in its current form. It has therefore been agreed that Suffolk County Council will subsidise the shortfall to Leading Lives for the duration of the current contact which comes to an end on the 31 March 2018. Prior to the end of the contract Suffolk County Council will work with Leading Lives to find an alternative premise in Newmarket which can support a more flexible offer and attract additional customers – so to achieve a viable ongoing service. If Leading Lives decide to cease the service at the end of the contract or earlier, Suffolk County Council will seek to commission another provider to develop an alternative service.

Leading Lives are aware of the decision and have confirmed their intention to keep the current Newmarket Hub open while seeking to find suitable alternative premises.

Why are we consulting?

In July 2015, central government stopped the Independent Living Fund (ILF) and a reduced amount of funding was transferred to local councils. 

Following customer reviews, customers’ personal budgets were reduced in some cases to reflect assessed needs and this led to a reduction in funding for day care services provided by Leading Lives. In Newmarket these changes led to Leading Lives deciding that the service at the Newmarket Community Hub was no longer financially viable.

Suffolk County Council is now consulting in order to make a new decision about the future of the Newmarket Community Hub. We have now developed proposed options about how services could be delivered in the Newmarket area in the future and would like views from the local community. In the meantime, funding to Newmarket Community Hub will continue and there will be no changes to the service.

What are the proposals?

A summary of the proposed options is below, however we advise that you read the detailed information about each option before you provide your views. This information is available as a downloadable (PDF, 167KB) survey or as an easy read (PDF, 2.6MB) document.

The proposed options are:

  1. Suffolk County Council makes no change to the funding arrangements with Leading Lives Newmarket Community Newmarket Hub.

  2. Suffolk County Council reduces or withdraws its funding to Leading Lives Newmarket Community Newmarket Hub.

If you have an alternative suggestion, please submit it as part of your consultation comments.

This consultation closed at 5pm, Friday 9 September 2016.

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