Consultation with residents of Fuchsia Lane and Wellesley Road, Ipswich

Residents of Fuchsia Lane and Wellesley Road in Ipswich can share their views about the safety of pedestrians using bridges over a railway line.

This consultation has closed.

Residents of Fuchsia Lane, Wellesley Road and Marlborough Road have raised their concerns with County Councillors Sandy Martin and Mandy Gaylard regarding the safety of pedestrians using the bridges that span over the railway line.

As the bridges are single track roads with limited pedestrian provisions we are considering the following options to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities on the bridges:

  1. Close Fuchsia Lane bridge to vehicular traffic
  2. Make Fuchsia Lane one-way over the bridge
  3. Do nothing on Fuchsia Lane
  4. Close Wellesley Road bridge to vehicular traffic
  5. Do nothing on Wellesley Road

Complete a short survey

Residents of Fushia Lane or Wellesley Road are invited to share your comments and suggestions in relation to the proposal for the proposal. It is quicker and easier to complete the survey online.

After we have received and collated all of the views, we'll analyse all the responses and give further consideration on which option(s) we chose.

Data collection

Suffolk Country Council recently organised a vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist survey in Fuchsia Lane and Wellesley Road to measure the usage of the bridges and determine the extent of use.


  • Over 1000 vehicles, 260 pedestrians and cyclists per day use Fuchsia bridge
  • Over 700 vehicles, 1000 pedestrians and cyclists per day use Wellesley bridge
  • All vehicles travel at reasonably low speeds
  • If motor vehicles are prohibited in using the bridges, this may encourage more people to walk and cycle.
    However, vehicles will be displaced to the surrounding major and minor roads and it may mean that some of the residents living in that area will initially need to travel away from their intended direction.

Wellesley Rd and Fushia Lane survey data

  • The bridge is a single-track road, 25m long, 3.7m wide with no footways.
  • Analysis of the data shows during the peak hours, 33% pedestrians and cyclists used the bridge on Fuchsia Road compared to 67% motorised vehicles.

Fuchsia Lane COUNT2

  • The bridge is a single track road, one-way westbound, 35m long and 3.5m wide, with a contra-flow cycleway (1.5m wide) and footway on the north side, 1.2m wide.
  • Analysis of the data shows during the peak hours, 73% pedestrians and cyclists on Wellesley Road bridge compared to 27% vehicles.

Wellesley Rd COUNT