Beccles Southern Relief Road

Our consultation about the plans for the Beccles Southern Relief Road and the Compulsory Purchase and Side Roads Orders is closed.

This consultation is now closed.

This is a £7 million project that will be funded jointly by the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership and Suffolk County Council.

What is proposed?

This 2km road will stretch from London Road (A145) to Ellough Road (C969) and will provide an alternative route to Ellough Industrial Estate from the south and west of Beccles for commercial through traffic, helping the estate expand and create more jobs in Suffolk. It will also reduce the amount of commercial through traffic in the historic town centre.

Before we build the road, we must prepare and enact a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) under the Highways Act 1980 and the Acquisition of Land Act 1981, to secure all of the land, rights and interests needed.

We must also prepare and enact a Side Roads Order (SRO) under the Highways Act 1980, to stop up and/or improve existing nearby highways and private means of access, and to provide new ones.

Consultation documents

Please do have a look at the CPO plan (PDF, 2.3MB) to see the land, rights, and interests needed.

You might also like to view the order and schedule (PDF, 300KB), which describes these in more detail, and the statement of reasons (PDF, 300KB), which gives the reasons for the scheme, and for both of the orders, and a more detailed description of the proposed road.

The location plan (PDF, 2MB) shows where the SRO will be enacted.

The order and schedule (PDF, 300KB) describes the existing highways and private means of access to be stopped up and/or improved, and the ones to be created, in more detail. Sheet 1 of the SRO plan (PDF, 1MB) displays the highways and private means of access to be stopped up.

Sheet 2 of the SRO plan (PDF, 1.2MB) displays the new highways and private means of access to be constructed and the existing ones to be improved. 

Contact us

Email with any questions you have about the orders or the scheme.