Product recall and safety notices

Checking at home for products that have been recalled, sharing product recalls on social media and what Trading Standards does to protect consumers.

Find all product recalls and safety notices on the Suffolk Trading Standards blog.

You can also get product recalls and safety notices on:

All product recalls and safety notices are:

  • found in the press
  • supplied by manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Tell us of a product recall or safety notice

Email or call 01473 264859, open 9am to 5pm.

Who else you need to tell

Producers and distributors have a duty to notify local authorities when they become aware they've placed on the market, or distributed, an unsafe product.

There are two ways of notifying a product that needs recalling - via the EUROPA website.

  • the notification form - which the producer or distributor should fill in
  • the online database - used exclusively by the authorities of Member States to view and process notifications (in the case of the UK the National Contact Point for RAPEX at BIS)

Guidance and the form are available on the EUROPA Website.

The local authority enforcers have a duty to inform The Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) of products placed on the market that either present a:

  • serious risk in need of urgent intervention
  • non-serious risk requiring some intervention

Check it Tuesday: recalled products

This is our campaign in Suffolk to raise awareness of recalled products through social media.

Every Tuesday check:

  • appliances in your home
  • food (used by dates)

How to take part

Every Tuesday when we publish details of product recalls please:

  • share the information on Twitter using #CheckItTuesday and on Facebook
  • check your home for the products that have been recalled
  • check the homes of your friends, family and neighbours who may not be aware of the recall

Suffolk Trading Standards

How do Trading Standards protect consumers from non-compliant and/or unsafe products?

We make sure that all goods sold and supplied are safe, and meet EU and British Regulations.

We're responsible for ensuring that products on sale in Suffolk are compliant with product safety legislation. Our officers work with businesses to ensure that both locally manufactured and imported products are safe.

How do I make a consumer complaint about the safety of a product?

To make a complaint about the safety of a product contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

If necessary, they'll pass your complaint on to us for further investigation.