Youth offer

Details of the youth offer, which is a statement created by young people in Suffolk outlining what they expect our services to deliver to meet their needs.

The youth offer

Know where to find, on a single website, up to date information about what's out there for you: things to do, places to go, learning and work, opportunities and sources of advice and support, on a range of services.

Know where to go for confidential, non-judgemental, professional advice, information and support if you need it, via telephone or on-line, where you are or at a place near you.

Have an entitlement to the right learning opportunities, guidance and support.

Have a say in your local community, to influence and be involved in the way services are provided.

Access and participate in safe, affordable and enjoyable activities including sports, leisure, creative and performing arts.

Have a range of volunteering opportunities in ways that are stimulating and fun, and which help your local community.

Know that the organisations and activities provided meet quality standards.

Young people in care - The Suffolk Promise

The Suffolk Promise is for looked after children, young people in care and care leavers.

It outlines all the things that we promise to do to make sure that children are cared for and helped to achieve their potential.

Read more about the promise and how you can have your say.