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Podcasts created or recommended by the Wellbeing in Education Team

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Please find on this page Podcasts created or recommended by the Psychology and Therapeutic Services team to support school staff and families.

Podcasts from the Wellbeing in Education team:  

In the above first episode of this new podcast series, Alice Clarke (Educational Psychologist) talks to Abi Joachim from the Suffolk TA (Teaching Assistant) Network about the role TAs play in supporting wellbeing in schools.

Recommended Podcasts:

Coping with uncertainty about an honest conversation about the challenges of uncertainty.

Supporting children with emotional based school phobia/avoidance with Tina Rae - In this podcast (originally broadcast in April 2021), Dale Pickles talks with Tina Rae about Emotionally Based School Avoidance in reference to her new book on the same topic. This would be of interest to professionals, parents and carers.