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Wellbeing workshops and resources to support parents and carers.

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Parent Workshop Programme

The Parent Workshop Programme offers workshops for parents and carers, and offer support, advice and guidance on how best to support a child or young persons emotional health and wellbeing.

This programme offers families a range of one hour workshops, led by the Psychology in Schools Team. 

The Psychology in Schools Team is made up of clinical psychologists and senior psychotherapists who have worked in specialist mental health services. They have specialist skills and are trained to work with both children and adults. As a team they are passionate about empowering communities to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people, and work in schools across Suffolk.

The workshops will be recorded so anyone unable to attend can still access the content.

If you miss a workshop or want to watch it again you can find all of our parent workshops on the NSFT Mental Health YouTube channel

Supporting our young people with anxiety workshop

This workshop is for parents of school aged children to help them understand anxiety better. The session covers: what is anxiety, why anxiety, how it affects the brain, how it affects the body, how itimpacts on what we do and don’t do and how parents can support their children/adolescents who might be struggling with anxiety.


Tuesday 19 October 6pm - book now
Tuesday 23 November 7.15pm - book now
Tuesday 14 December 6pm - book now

Supporting young people with challenging behaviour

In this workshop we will explore child behaviours that parents or teachers find challenging to manage, such as: hyperactivity, difficulties with attention, aggression, difficulties with friendships and relationships, and irritability. We will cover practical strategies to help manage these behaviours positively. This workshop may be helpful for parents who have concerns around possible ADHD in their young person.


Monday 18 October 1pm - book now
Monday 18 October 6pm - book now

Supporting children/adolescents with sleep (11 Years+)

Experiencing sleep difficulties at some stage in our lives is common, and we know that children and young people can particularly struggle with their sleep . Sleep difficulties are not only frustrating, but they start to impact on our mood and everyday lives. This sleep workshop is aimed at parents and carers who have children over 11 years old who may be experiencing difficulties with their sleep. The workshop, delivered by the Psychology in Schools Team, will cover important topics such as why we need sleep, why teenagers may struggle more with this, and what you can do to try and support your young person to have a better nights sleep. 


Tuesday 19 October 7.15pm - book now

Top tips for supporting young people through exam season

It is very normal for exams and tests to lead to anxiety, stress, and worry. This workshop is designed for both parents and young people to attend to provide guidance around preparing for and coping with exam season.


Monday 22 November 1pm - book now
Monday 22 November 6pm - book now

Supporting our young people with low mood workshop

This workshop will help you to have a better understanding of why our young people are more vulnerable to low mood once they reach adolescence, the warning signs and some evidence based strategies to best support your young person.


Tuesday 23 November 6pm - book now

Supporting young people who self-harm

Knowing your young person is finding things difficult and self-harming can be frightening and confusing for parents. This workshop aims to develop parents’ understanding of self-harm and will cover: “What is self-harm?”, “Why does self-harm happen?”, and “What can I do to help?”. This event is presentation based and presenters will not be able to speak to attendees directly.
If you are concerned about your child’s safety and require crisis support please call 0808 1963494; this number operates 24 hours a day, 7days a week.


Monday 13 December 1pm - book now
Monday 13 December 6pm - book now

Supporting young people to manage big feelings

As our children grow, they experience many changes in themselves and the world around them. During this time, our children will feel a variety of feelings which they do not know how to manage.
This workshop is aimed at parents of young people aged up to 11 as we breakdown what leads ourchildren to have these feelings and ways in which we can support them to manage if they become overwhelming.

Dates: TBC

Supporting young people manage uncertainty
Life is unpredictable which can result in feelings of uncertainty and worry, especially in young people. This workshop will emphasise the importance of being able to tolerate uncertainty and how parents can support their young people to do this. We will also discuss practical strategies to cope with difficult emotions associated with uncertainty, such as worry, to enable young people to get more out of life.

Dates: TBC

Building Resilience with young people workshop

Dates: TBC

Free Kooth online mental wellbeing session for 18-25 year olds.

Dates: TBC 

Children and Young People Workshop recordings available to watch on YouTube

The below our previous workshops that we hosted that are now available to view on YouTube.

Supporting our Young People with Eating Difficulties

This workshop is designed to explore some of the eating difficulties young people maybe facing at this time, to understand the way food can be used as a coping mechanism in times of stress, to address what a parent/carer can do that is helpful or not helpful, and importantly identify what are the red flags to alert a parent/carer to take action to get help, as well as where to get help. View workshop

Tools to Manage Uncertainty and Building Resilience in our Young People

This workshop will introduce strategies that parents/carers/professionals can support their young people to help them cope better with uncertainty now and in the years to come. Being able to adapt to situations by learning to tolerate emotions and cope with change reduces stress levels and is a great skill for life.

This workshop is suitable for parents/carers of all children struggling in the current pandemic who would like to learn strategies they can teach their children to manage difficult thoughts, feelings, and situations. It is also helpful for professionals who might work with young people. View workshop

Surviving Lockdown Mark 3

This workshop explores how we make sense of what we are all experiencing at the moment. It will consider the most significant challenges posed by the pandemic for both parents and young people (including anxiety and low mood) while also thinking about the most helpful ways to manage these challenges. View workshop

Supporting our Young People with Anxiety

This workshop is for parents of school aged children to help them understand anxiety better. The session covers: what is anxiety, why anxiety, how it effects the brain, how it effects the body, how it impacts on what we do and don’t do and how parents can support their children/adolescents who might be struggling with anxiety. Anxiety in Adolescence YouTube webinar

Teens and Tweens Wellbeing Webinars

A series of 20 mini webinars designed for Teens and Tweens (Tweenager – children from eight years of age) by Dr. Tina Rae (Educational and Child Psychologist), covering advice on managing stress and anxiety, perfectionist behaviours and negative thinking. Watch the webinars on Youtube


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Five Tips for Families

These family leaflets have been co-produced with Suffolk Parent Carer Network SPCN

Tips for getting better sleep


Tips for going back to school


Five Tips for people with Autism


Five Tips for people with Anxiety


Five Tips for coping with Self-Harm 


Five Tips for people with Challenging Behaviour


Positive Self-Talk Rainbows

Other resources

Emotional Wellbeing Gateway Website - For Suffolk parents, school staff and professionals. This site has advice on various mental health issues in children and young people and access to CAMHS services.

The Source website - For young people in Suffolk to find support on all health and wellbeing topics on

Kooth - Provides free online emotional wellbeing support to 11-25 year olds in Suffolk.  

ChatHealth Text Service for 11-19 years olds - Confidential help from a school nurse about any thing, such as advice on health and wellbeing worries, sexual health and bullying.

Teenage Mental Health Service - For children, teenagers, and adults experiencing difficulties with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, self-harm or any other mental health issues. They provide free weekly support groups for under 25s.

Just One Norfolk  - Mental Health Support Services if you are based in Lowestoft, Waveney and Norfolk.

PACT Parents and Carers Together - Provide free support to parents and carers of children or young people with a mental health issue.



Useful YouTube video for families

How to manage anxiety on the return to school

The below podcast, by the Psychology in Schools Team, offers advice on how to manage anxiety on the return to school. 

 Recognising the signs of Covid-19 stress in your child.

This podcast describes some of the key symptoms of stress to look out for in our children and gives some guidance on how to respond.

Young People and Low Mood during the COVID 19 pandemic

This podcast, featuring clinical psychologist Alison Woods, Dr Tamara Scully who is based at Thurston Community College and Bethan who is a former student from there, takes a deep dive in to what it is like to be a young person during lockdowns and tier restrictions and answers questions on why this time is especially tricky for teens. 

Anxiety in Adolescence

This Youtube workshop is for Parents. This 60-minute workshop was delivered to parents of school aged children to help them understand anxiety better. The session covers: what is anxiety, how it effects the brain and body, what to do and don’t do and how parents can support their children/adolescents who might be struggling with anxiety. 

 Gaming and screentime - What you need to know as a parent.

 The impact of COVID 19 on family life and how to support young people. 

You can listen to all of the above podcasts, plus more here on 'Mental Health and You'