Wellbeing in Education

The Wellbeing for Education Return programme will support schools and colleges in promoting children and young people’s wellbeing in response to Covid-19.


Supporting Children & Young People's Wellbeing during Covid

COVID-19 is having an ongoing impact on all of us, in our personal life and at work.  

Supporting children, young people and staff wellbeing is especially important during challenging times and we are sharing a range of resources available for promoting and supporting wellbeing in this section.  

What is Wellbeing for Education?

Wellbeing for Education (also referred to as Wellbeing for Education Return WfER) is a government project is specifically aimed for staff working in the education sector, to help share resources for schools and colleges in Suffolk with a focus on supporting staff and pupils with the impact of the pandemic on mental health and wellbeing. However, the information we are sharing in this section is also relevant for a broader audience.  

Watch the below YouTube video outlining what WfER (Wellbeing for Education Return) is and where it sits in Suffolk. 

Please take a look at the pages below which we are updating with information and resources, and to help share knowledge of new training sessions, webinars and resources available to support you. We also showcase examples of great work that is going on across the county.   

Latest news:

Looking back and planning ahead for 2021

As we enter the new year, the following toolkit from Anna Freud Centre, helps us to reflect on 2020. To view the above toolkit go to Mentally Healthy Schools.org.uk  


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One hour wellbeing workshops offering support to parents and carers

Find out about the Parent Workshop Programme which is offering support to parents through a number of short Wellbeing Workshops


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All pages in this section

Staff Wellbeing

Information, advice and guidance to support the emotional health and wellbeing of staff in schools and colleges.

Children and Young People

Resources and training aimed for educational settings to support CYP and their wellbeing

Family Wellbeing

Information and resources to help support the emotional wellbeing of families.

Whole School and College Approach to Wellbeing

Guidance on how you can adopt a whole school approach to supporting mental health and wellbeing