County Inclusion Support Service

A mainstream school support service for pupils with a diagnosis of autism, traits of autism (but no diagnosis) social, emotional and mental health difficulties.

The County Inclusion Support Service (CISS) is a Suffolk County Council outreach service for Suffolk mainstream schools seeking additional support for pupils with:

  • a diagnosis of ASD
  • traits of ASD but no diagnosis
  • social and communication difficulties
  • social, emotional and mental health difficulties and all associated behaviours

The key focus for CISS is to maintain school placements, working with schools to build understanding and the capacity to manage their own effective inclusion for SEND pupils.

CISS Teachers and Inclusion Practitioners, who all have significant experience in classroom practice, draw on a wide variety of skills and strategies to work flexibly and in close partnership with school staff.

CISS staff take an individualised approach to pupils’ needs, working directly with the pupils, modelling strategies to school staff and offering advice and guidance to ensure the best outcomes for them.

Services provided by CISS

We provide a core offer and traded offer.

CISS Core Offer

There is no charge.

For a referral to be accepted there must be clear evidence that the pupil’s placement is highly vulnerable. 

E.g. They may be at risk of permanent exclusion or school refusal. If the referral is accepted, the pupil remains on CISS caseload until the end of Year 11. Input from CISS may vary over time according to the need of the pupil.

CISS Traded offer

The CISS traded offer includes an annual package of support and and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for school staff.

You'll receive:

  • half a day (3 hours) CISS support per fortnight.
  • CISS staff who'll consult closely with school staff about how best to utilise the time allocated through the annual package, so that it is tailored to meet the needs of the school and their pupils.

The time could be used to supplement the core offer, to work with pupils who aren't on CISS caseload and to provide consultation, advice and guidance. CISS Teachers can offer CPD for school staff.

CPD sessions will be developed in consultation with key school staff so that the sessions are bespoke to the particular needs of the school staff attending the training.

Contact one of our CISS locality bases below if you would like more information about our core or traded offers.

Westbourne Academy

Red Oak Primary School

Wells Hall Primary School

Honington Primary School

Wickham Market Primary School