Common Assessment Framework (CAF) training

Training for people in Suffolk who work with children and families on how to complete a CAF assessment following the Signs of Safety practice model.

The CAF and multi-agency referral (MARF) training has been combined and is now known as the 'Suffolk Signs of Safety framework for assessment and referral’.

This means that when booking onto a course through the CPD online website, click on Multi-agency and search for "Using the Suffolk Signs of Safety framework for assessment and referrals".

The training 'Using the Suffolk Signs of Safety framework for assessment and referral' provides practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to participate fully in assessment and referral processes.

The training course includes:

  • How to apply Signs of Safety (SOS) principles, disciplines and tools to support any assessment or referral process.
  • Understanding how the SOS framework underpins the assessment and referral process for common assessment framework (CAF) & multi-agency referral form (MARF).
  • Knowing how to apply the Suffolk Safeguarding Partnership thresholds matrix when making a referral decision.
  • Identifying what a good CAF assessment or MARF referral looks like.

The training is free to all those who work with children, young people and families in Suffolk. It is particularly relevant for schools, partners and the private voluntary and independent (PVI sectors) to increase and enhance their skills and knowledge when making assessments, referrals and equally when working in partnership with early help or social care colleagues.