Fees and allowances

All Suffolk foster carers receive allowances to cover the cost of a looked after child

The allowances paid by the Suffolk Fostering Service are the Nationally Recommended Rates set by The Fostering Network. These allowances will not affect any benefit entitlement you may have, and are not counted as income for taxation or benefit purposes.

April 2014 - March 2015 Allowances

Foster Care Allowances
Age of Child Weekly Allowance
0 - 4 years £140.33
5 - 10 years £159.85
11 - 15 years £199.00
16 years and over £242.08

We also provide additional allowances, equivalent to the weekly amount for each age group for:

  • the child's birthday
  • religious festivals (paid in December)
  • 2 weeks allowances to cover a holiday or holiday activities
  • up to 21 days paid respite.

We also pay mileage for additional travel expenses, for example taking a child to contact, attending meetings and specialist medical appointments.

Download the Suffolk Fostering Service Schedule of Allowances for 2013 - 2014.

Fee Paid Scheme

Foster carers who are able to care for children over the age of 11 or sibling groups over the age of 8 may be eligible for enhanced payment.  You will need to have experience with children and young people. You may have gained this experience through already having fostered for Suffolk or another fostering agency, through residential care or other related paid or voluntary work and / or through parenting.  You will need to demonstrate your ability to meet and / or quickly develop additional standards around your skills and knowledge of caring for children with more complex needs.  In addition to the weekly allowance (please see above) you will also receive a weekly fee.

Weekly fee

1st child - £200 (including the weekly allowance for an 11-15 year old you would receive £399 per week)
2nd or 3rd child - £100

Multi-dimensional treatment foster-care (MTFC)

Carers assessed and approved for the MTFC programme will receive a weekly fee of £400 in addition to the weekly allowance (Please see above)

Caring for a child aged 11 - 15 you would receive a weekly payment of £599
Caring for a child aged 16 years or over you would receive a weekly payment of £642.08

MTFC carers providing short-breaks will receive the allowances and fees pro rata for each 24 hr period of care provided.

Visit the MTFC programme page for more information.

HM Revenue and Customs free e-learning package for foster carers

Find out how to register for tax, what business expenses you can claim for, how your tax and national insurance is worked out and more; thanks to a tax tutorial exclusively for foster carers, designed by the HMRC.

Click here to access tax for foster carers