Are you thinking about fostering?

Foster carers can make a big difference in a child's life. Some children can wait a long time for the right foster family

There is no such thing as a typical foster carer. Like the children they look after, carers come from all sorts of different backgrounds, cultures and religions. 

To find out more, download our 
Thinking about Fostering leaflet
for more information. Including:

  • Who can foster?
  • Have I got what it takes?
  • Why Foster?
  • How do I become a foster carer?
  • Why foster for Suffolk County Council?

Please remember to foster you must have a spare bedroom and some of the everyday qualities needed to bring up children, and be able to offer a balanced stable home life. 

Suffolk's Fostering Service welcome enquiries from potential carers with different and diverse heritages, and are particularly keen to hear from enquirers able to consider fostering a sibling group, teenagers or children with disabilities.

How fostering could enrich the whole family

If you have ever thought about fostering, but had concerns about how fostering could impact on your own children, we would urge you to think again..... Please read this information to find out more. 

Don't rule yourself out

Why not telephone the Fostering Recruitment and Assessment Team on 01473 264800 and let them know why you think you are not able to be a foster carer, you could be more suitable than you think. You can also keep up to date with what's happening with the service, by following us on Facebook.