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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at this site and for showing an interest in Fostering.

We hope the following pages give you enough information about fostering a child in Suffolk and to decide whether this could be for you.

If you are looking for a new challenge, have the patience, flexibility and desire to support young people in care and have the space in your lives and home then Suffolk Fostering Service would love to hear from you.

How to contact us:

Telephone: Fostering Recruitment & Assessment Team on 01473 264800.

Request a call back through our online enquiry form 


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What is Fostering?

Fostering is family care for children and young people who cannot live with their own families for various reasons. Fostered children may stay in touch with their own family and return to live with them. However, many need foster care throughout their childhood and until they are ready to leave home.

Suffolk County Council is responsible for providing foster care for all Suffolk children in care.  Today in Suffolk we have over 740 children in care, over 400 are aged 10 or over.  We are particularly keen to hear from people interested in caring for older children, sibling groups over the age of 8 and children with more complex needs.

By becoming a carer for Suffolk County Council you could make a positive difference to the lives of a local child and enable them to thrive and succeed by providing a stable family home and the life that they dream about.

If you have anthusiasm, patience and room you could be the one that a child is waiting for. 

Why Foster for Suffolk?

All Suffolk children needing foster care will be placed with our own Suffolk County Council foster carers whenever possible.  This means as a Suffolk carer you will be fostering children from Suffolk.

As a Suffolk Fostering Service carer you will be a valued and integral member of a wider professional, multi-agency team and receive:

  • A dedicated fostering social worker for your family for supervision and support
  • 24hr support and advice
  • An extensive range of training and learning opportunities
  • Access to local support groups
  • Mentoring from experienced foster carers
  • Local specialist support including health, education and therapeutic services
  • Free membership of Fostering Network
  • Membership of Suffolk Fostering Association
  • Support to take a break when you need it, through provision of respite care
  • Regular placements
  • A weekly allowance
  • Access Payment Scheme for carers offering to care for older children with more complex needs

Who can Foster?

There is no such thing as a typical foster carer.  Like the children they look after, carers come from all sorts of different backgrounds.  You can be:

  • Any ethnicity, culture or religion
  • Married, single or living with a partner of either sex
  • Rent or own your own home
  • A parent or childless (with experience of children)
  • In full or part time employment or unemployed
  • Any age over 21

Please don't rule yourself out, contact us on Freephone 0800 328 2148 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Suffolk Fostering Service Mission Statement

Suffolk County Council Fostering Service aims to provide a high quality, safe, flexible family placement service. The Fostering Service has a range of family placement options throughout Suffolk to meet the diverse range of needs presented by children who are unable to live with their families.

Statement of Purpose

Children and young people who are placed in foster care should experience it positively. A young person’s experience in foster care should contribute to their overall sense of well being. Suffolk County Council’s Fostering Service will work with our foster carers and the children in our care to help them achieve their full potential in a nurturing stable environment. 
El Mayhew, Head of Fostering.

What is in the section

Ryan & Gavin's story

Stories from carers involved in fostering

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Are you ready to foster?

Brief description to Suffolk's requirements for fostering

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Are you thinking about fostering?

Foster carers can make a big difference in a child's life. Some children can wait a long time for the right foster family

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Contact the Fostering Team

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Different types of fostering

Here is a brief explanation of the different ways you can foster for Suffolk County Council

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Existing Suffolk carers page

This page is for existing Suffolk County Council approved foster carers.

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Fees and allowances

All Suffolk foster carers receive allowances to cover the cost of a looked after child

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How to become a foster carer

A step by step guide to becoming a foster carer

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Information events and preparation courses

For more information about our forthcoming recruitment events, arranging an initial visit and attending a preparation course

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The Fostering Teams

Get to know who is who within the Suffolk Fostering Service.

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Training and support

Fostering for Suffolk County Council means you will receive the support, advice and training you need to succeed.

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Transferring foster carers

Are you a registered foster carer thinking about transferring?

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Who are the children needing a foster family?

Information about some of the children that are waiting for permanent foster carers

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Zipwire - Multi-dimensional Treatment Foster Care

Our adolescent multi-dimensional treatment foster care (MTFC) is a programme to help young people aged 7-16 improve their life chances.

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