Fostering and Adoption

Welcome to Suffolk's Fostering and Adoption Services. We hope these pages will tell you everything you need to know about fostering or adopting a Suffolk child.

Give a Suffolk child the care they dream about

Suffolk Fostering Service and Adoption Agency needs your help

There are around 750 children in care in Suffolk, the majority of these are in foster care, and placed with our own registered foster carers.

Each and every one of these children deserves to have a permanent safe home where they can feel loved and nurtured by people who care about their futures and where they can thrive.  Foster carers and adopters are the people who make this happen.

There are many myths about who can foster or adopt, and the children needing families.

People who foster or adopt may be.....

  • Any age over 21
  • Married, single, divorced, or in a civil partnership
  • Lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, heterosexual
  • Rent or own their own home
  • Disabled
  • Of any ethnicity, race, religion or culture
  • Already have children or not

We know that the hardest step is often the first step, that's letting us know that you are interested in either Fostering or Adoption.  We will help you over the threshold and provide you with a warm welcome whether you simply have a question or need more information or you have already made your mind up that you want to be a foster carer or adopter in Suffolk.

Once you have made that first call we can talk to you about the carers or adopters we want to recruit.

To help give you a better understanding of the different services please click on the links below to find out more.

 The Fostering Service needs people who want to care for children of all ages especially sibling groups or children over 11 years old.  In return we offer our carers support and training opportunities, helping them provide a special experience for children who have had a difficult and harmful life before they came into care.

Foster carers can provide care on a short-term basis whilst permanent plans are made for children to return home to birth family, to an adoptive family or another permanent foster family.  Or they can provide care on a long-term basis where the child will be fully part of the carer's family for the remainder of their childhood and hopefully throughout their adult life.  We also have more specialised schemes such as our Zipwire MTFC programme. This scheme is for children over the age of 7 years who have more complex and challenging needs, we offer the carers structured support and a fee as recompense for the complexity of the task of caring for the children.  Or our LINK service which supports children and young people with learning, physical or sensory disability and their families by providing regular short breaks.

We would love to hear from you and we can be contacted at the Fostering Service: 01473 264800 or click on the different pages below to find out more.

The Suffolk Adoption Agency is currently looking for families particularly for brothers and sisters to grow up together in pairs or groups of three; children over three and disabled children of all ages.  We provide support and help to families throughout childhood and beyond if needed, you don't have to worry that you will be left alone to cope with the challenges parents might have thrown at them.

Building a family through Adoption is rewarding, and is an opportunity to make a very significant difference to someone's can also be fun!!

So please take the first step and pick up the phone to talk to us.  You can contact us at the Adoption Agency on: 01473 264800 or click on the different pages below to find out more.

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