Care & support

Welcome to an overview of adult social services , children's social care and specialist support for families in Suffolk

What is in the section

Adult social care

Find out about the social care, services and support available from the county council and other organisations in Suffolk

  1. Care homes and community wellbeing centres
  2. Fees paid to care providers
  3. Home Care and Community Meals
  4. Homeshield
  5. Service provider information
  6. Supporting People
  7. Useful information for winter
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Children, Young People and Families

  1. Access Unlimited
  2. Children's rights
  3. Children's accommodation service
  4. Common assessment framework
  5. Fostering and Adoption
  6. Free school meals
  7. Meeting the needs
  8. Private fostering
  9. Pupil welfare and support
  10. Raising the Bar
  11. Raising the participation age
  12. Safeguarding
  13. Leaving care services
  14. The parent hub - advice and information for parents and carers
  15. Youth Offending
  16. e-Safer Suffolk
  17. Explore Children, Young People and Families further

Customer First and contacting social services

Customer First is the initial point of contact for social services in Suffolk

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Customer Rights

Customer Rights works across all services in the Council, to enhance customer service and to act as a focal point for the views and voice of the customer

  1. Advocacy
  2. Education Admission Appeals and Permanent Exclusion Reviews
  3. Healthwatch Suffolk
  4. Explore Customer Rights further

Family Services Directory

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Fostering and Adoption

Welcome to Suffolk's Fostering and Adoption Services. We hope these pages will tell you everything you need to know about fostering or adopting a Suffolk child.

  1. Adoption
  2. Fostering
  3. Explore Fostering and Adoption further

Research Governance

Research governance is the means by which the quality of research into social care services in Suffolk is assured and the rights of those involved protected

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Information about safeguarding adults and child protection

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