Supplying Us

Find out how to win business with us and about the policies and procedures that you may have to comply with.

We buy a wide range of goods and services that we need as part of our everyday work, therefore we have to ensure that we obtain the best possible value for the money that we spend.

We also make sure that the legal requirements and responsibilities involved, including environmental information, when spending your money and entering into contracts are followed.

Find out how to access our current opportunities and learn about how our tendering processes work.  For other advice and policy, environmental and legal information in relation to tendering and contracting, please see the links below and the external links in the bottom right hand corner of this page. 

Anti Bribery

Equality and diversity

Environmental guidance note for contractors (PDF, 37Kb)

General terms and conditions (PDF, 48Kb)

Good practice guide (PDF, 564Kb)

Green procurement approach (PDF, 54Kb)

Procurement rules (PDF, 330Kb)

Procurement strategy (PDF, 192Kb)

Specification writing guide (PDF, 310Kb)

Supplier charter (PDF, 97Kb)

Tendering as a consortium (PDF, 96Kb)

Whistleblowing and complaints

Working with local suppliers (PDF, 125Kb)