Fireworks Licence

Most business premises that store explosives must be licensed or registered with either Trading Standards, Suffolk Police or Health & Safety Executive.

Explosive products that require either a licence or registration include fireworks, shotgun cartridges, distress flares and bird scarers.

In the majority of cases you will require a registration from the Trading Standards department to store explosives.

The exceptions are:

  • You store more than 250 kg but less that 2000kg (Net Explosive Content) of explosives, in which case you will need to obtain a Licence from us
  • You store more than 2000kg (Net Explosive Content) of explosives, in which case you will need to obtain a Licence from Health & Safety Executive
  • You currently have a certificate for the acquisition and keeping of controlled explosives – in which case you will need to obtain you storage licence from Suffolk Police.
  • If you store less than 5kg (Net Explosive Content) of explosives – you are exempt from requiring either a registration or licence.

Fees - for the licences and registrations are set by central government and from 6th April 2010 the fees for the year will be:

  • New Licence - £178
  • Licence renewal - £83
  • Varying or Transfer of a licence - £35
  • New Registration - £105
  • Registration Renewal - £52
  • Annual Year Round Licence- £500 which allows you to SELL all year round. An application form for an annual licence (53KB) needs to be completed, as well as a licence or registration to store the fireworks, which can be found below.

Application forms for new Licences (70KB) or Registrations (75KB), renewal forms for existing holders are automatically sent out before the expiry of the licence of registration.

Storage Requirements

The storage requirements for all explosives are covered by the Manufacturing and Storage of Explosives Regulations 2005

You have a legal duty to ensure that you take measure to:

  • prevent fire or explosion;
  • limit the possible extent of fire or explosion including measures to prevent the spreading of fires and the communication of explosions from one location to another;
  • protect persons from the effects of fire or explosion.

Guidance on the storage requirements including a Risk Assessment template, can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website.

If you require any further guidance on this subject Trading Standards will provide free advice to local businesses please contact us.

Selling Fireworks

The sale of fireworks is restricted to the following periods:

  • Between 15th October and 10th November;
  • Between 26th December and 31st December;
  • Chinese New Year, the first day and the three days immediately preceding it;
  • On the day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it.

The sale of adult fireworks and sparklers is restricted to persons over the age of 18.

To read more about Trading Standards visit our homepage.