Licences and business registration

You are able to apply for licences and registrations for business and social activities

What is in the section

Animal Feed

Feed hygiene regulations apply to all businesses that make, use or supply animal feed

  1. Animal Feed Hygiene Registration Form
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Explosive Licence

Ensuring all sites storing large quantities of explosives are licensed and store them safely.

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Festive decorations on the highway

Checking the safety of festive decorations before processing licences for them to be displayed on the road.

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Fireworks Licence

Most business premises that store explosives must be licensed or registered with either Trading Standards, Suffolk Police or Health & Safety Executive.

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Highway licences

To carry out work/place anything on a publicly maintainable road/path you will almost certainly require a licence.

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Performing Animal Licence

If you exhibit, use or train performing animals, you must be registered with Suffolk County Council.

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Petroleum Licences

Making sure all sites are licensed and store petrol safely

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Non Medicinal Poisons Licence

Information about the Non Medicinal Poisons license including application forms for businesses who want to apply

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Safety at Sports Grounds

A safety certificate is required for any covered stand that holds 500 or more spectators.

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Scaffold licences

A scaffolding and hoarding licence is required for any scaffold or hoarding that is erected or encroaches on the public highway

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Skip licences

Processing applications and issuing licences to allow a skip to be put on the road.

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Weighbridge Operator

If you operate public weighing equipment you must be a certified weighbridge operator.

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