Archaeological Services

Providing a contracting service to record archaeological sites through survey and excavation.

The Field Team within the Archaeological Service at Suffolk County Council is a self-financing unit with a staff of some 25 experienced archaeologists based in Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich. We regularly carry out over 100 projects a year with the majority being development related, though other projects include research and community based ones as funding sources allow.

The development related projects range in size from single house sites up to 50 hectare plus developments, calling for the preparation of reports for Environmental Impact Assessments and subsequent large scale field evaluations and excavations. To ensure an efficient and cost effective service for our clients much of the post-excavation, or reporting, work is carried out in-house and we also offer high quality specialist finds assessment and analysis on a variety of artefact types.

In summary the Field Team has extensive experience of the following levels of archaeological investigation and reporting:

  • rapid appraisal for archaeological implications of potential development sites using local and national records;
  • desktop studies involving complex aerial photograph, historical map and document studies;
  • site evaluation by geophysical survey (sub-contracted), field walking, earthwork and coastal survey and trial trenching;
  • detailed building recording and interpretation;
  • site monitoring during construction work;
  • full-scale archaeological excavation of small, medium and large scale sites; 
  • follow up assessment and archive reports;
  • assessment and full analysis of any artefacts found and full analysis and publication of project results.

The Archaeological Service Field Team also employs a full time Education and Outreach Officer to work with schools and community groups promoting the county's heritage. For more details of our innovative education packages, school visits and volunteering opportunities at our woodland Experimental Archaeology Centre please visit our Education and Outreach page.

For planning and development advice please visit the Archaeological Service homepage. 

Please follow the link for Field Team contact details.

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