Apply for a licence

Highways or business licences such as scaffold, animal feed, skip, crane, weighbridge, petroleum, fireworks or festive licences.

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Skip licence

You must have a licence to put a skip on a public road, pavement or verge.

Scaffold or hoarding licence

Apply and pay for any scaffold or hoarding that affects a public road, pavement, cycleway or verge.

Mobile elevating work platforms

Apply for a mobile elevating work platform on or over a public road, pavement, verge or path.

Animal feed licence

Businesses that make, use, or supply animal feed must register to control potential food hazards at every stage of production.

Petroleum storage, certificates, licensing and decommissioning

Businesses, organisations and individuals must have a Petroleum Storage Certificate (PSC) if they store and supply petrol to vehicles.

The Sale Of Poisons

To purchase poisons consumers need to produce a valid licence issued by the Home Office. Retailers no longer need to be licensed.

Annual fireworks licence

An annual fireworks licence lets your business sell fireworks all year round.

Fireworks and Explosives licences

Businesses that store fireworks and other explosives need to be licensed or registered with Trading Standards, Suffolk Police or the Health & Safety Executive.

Container cabins welfare facilities of the highway

Apply for a licence to use a container cabin or welfare facilities on a public road, pavement, verge or path.

Weighbridge operator certificate

Operators of public weighing equipment must have a certificate to show they are capable of using the equipment correctly.

Original building materials licence

Apply for an original building materials licence to temporarily store building materials on a public highway or street.

Sports ground safety certificate

Any covered stand that holds over 500 people requires a safety certificate from us.

Licence for non-illuminated banners and Christmas or festive decorations

Apply for a licence to put non-illuminated and festive decorations on or over a public road, pavement, verge or path.

Performing animal licence

You need to register performing animals through your local district council.

Street furniture

Apply for a licence to install street furniture such as benches, notice boards and planting/cultivation within the highway

Attachments to street lighting columns

How to apply to attach seasonal decorations, banners and hanging baskets to street light columns.