Pay for a skip, scaffolding and S50 licence

Pay Suffolk County Council online for a Section 50, skip or scaffolding licence.

It's quicker and easier to pay online.

Skip or scaffolding licence (SL NRSWA)


  • skip and skip extension
  • scaffolding and scaffolding extension
  • skip or scaffolding penalty

When entering your Licence / Licence Reference Number, please add 000 before the given 5 digit number. E.g. NRSWA-LICENCE-00011111.

Pay skip/scaffolding licence

Licence for apparatus placed in the highway (NRSWA S50)

  • For apparatus (e.g. water supply) being placed in the highway by a contractor, which is maintained by the owner of the apparatus and not a utility company.

When entering your S50 reference number, please add 000 before the given 5 digit number. E.g. NRSWA-S50-00011111.

Pay S50 licence


  • will need the licence reference number provided by us
  • can pay by debit or credit card


  • Call 0345 606 6067