Sports ground safety certificate

Any covered stand that holds over 500 people requires a safety certificate from us.

There are two types of safety certificate:

  • a general safety certificate - that covers a stand for an indefinite period from a certain date
  • a special safety certificate - that covers a stand on a specific occasion/s

A certificate can cover more than one stand.

To apply for a licence download the application form and return it to:

Public Protection Directorate
Trading Standards
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road
Ipswich, Suffolk
Download an application form

Before you apply

You can only apply for:

  • a general safety certificate if you are responsible for the management of the ground
  • a special safety certificate if you are responsible for the activity being viewed

You can also apply to transfer a sports ground safety certificate and we will decide if the transferee qualifies to have a certificate.


After you apply

Please contact us if you have not heard back within 14 days of submitting your request.

You can appeal to a magistrates court against:

  • a decision that you are ineligible for a licence
  • the conditions attached to the safety certificate

Contact us

If you have any questions about this licence, contact the Trading Standards team.


Phone: 01473 264859