The early years checker for funded 2 year olds is unavailable from 12pm on Thursday 19 July to 6pm on Sunday 22 July 2018 due to planned DfE maintenance work.

Other online services including payments will be unavailable from 5.30pm on Friday 20 July to 5.30pm on Sunday 22 July 2018.

Pay the balance of your ceremony online

Find out how to pay for the balance of your wedding or civil partnership ceremony online.

Some web browsers will not support online payments from Thursday 15 February 2018. Check if you need to update your browser.

You can pay the final balance of your marriage or civil partnership ceremony fees online using our payments portal.

Before you start please read the details below about what you'll need to complete the transaction.

To begin the payments process click the green Start button below.



What you'll need to pay

To pay the final balance of your ceremony fees online you'll need to provide your booking reference number.

This is a 5 digit number, which can be found on your booking letter in the section "Confirmation of your marriage ceremony".

You'll also need to state the date that the ceremony is taking place, and provide details for payment.