Support planning

How a plan can help you use your personal budget to achieve your support goals

What is support planning?

If you have been given a Personal Budget to meet your care and support needs, or if you are a carer with a personal budget, you will need to draw up a Care and Support Plan showing how you are going to use the money to achieve your goals, to live independently and to meet your needs.

With the help of your family, a social worker or an external support planner, you will discuss the sorts of support and services you would like to purchase and whether you want to take your personal budget as a Direct Payment or have the council manage it for you.

Your plan will include all the resources that are available to you, not just your personal budget. For example, help from family and friends, or help that is available in your local community.

Your plan would include things like:

  • how and where you want to live
  • what is working well in your life and what needs improving
  • what choices are available to meet your care needs
  • what assistance you need from other people
  • how you will keep safe and well, both physically and mentally
  • who you might involve in helping you make these important decisions
  • how you will manage your support
  • how this support will be met from your personal budget

More information including how to create a plan can be found on our care and community directory, Suffolk InfoLink.

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Support Planning on Suffolk InfoLink

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