Information, Advice, Guidance and Emotional Support Innovation Grant

We are looking for a provider or partnership to support a new mental health initiative

We are looking for a provider or partnership of providers to deliver a Wellbeing Information project to support people in the community who require information, advice, guidance and emotional support around mental health.

A definition of Information, Advice, Guidance and Emotional Support;

  • Information – Defined as the Communication of knowledge
  • Advice and Guidance - Defined Providing options about what could or should be done about a situation or a problem, providing leadership and direction.
  • Emotional support - Defined as the reassurance, encouragement and understanding we give or receive to a person


We have worked with people with a lived experience of caring for someone with mental health, providers of information, advice and guidance and health statutory partners to design a universal service for people from the mental health and wellbeing community.

As part of this process a report (PDF, 817KB) was produced in collaboration with a member of the caring community. This lead to a number of next steps that have helped shape this initiative. 

Through this work we have developed an innovation grant that will aim to transform the way we provide information to people who;

  • Have a lived experience of mental health
  • Are in a caring role for an adult with mental health
  • Live in a family where there is mental health illness
  • Have an interest in finding more about Mental Health and Wellbeing

What the fund will support

  • Peer supported groups
  • Positive involvement activities
  • Accessible Information 24/7
  • Volunteering and employment
  • 1-2-1 Support
  • Training opportunities

Projects should deliver the following outcomes:

  • Reduction on the impact on public and statutory services
  • Reduction in social isolation
  • More people involved with their local community
  • Improved opportunities for learning and development
  • Increased independence and self-resilience
  • Welcomes more people to Mental Health and wellbeing
  • Links wellbeing with physical activity

Who can apply

The fund is open to registered charities, constituted community groups and other charitable organisations working in Suffolk including Social Enterprises and CICs.

Individuals are not eligible to apply.

Types of activity that cannot be funded:

This fund will not support the cost of research, feasibility studies or consultancy fees.

Grant Value

£200,000 per annum

Opening date

25th November 2016

Closing date

23rd December 2016

Expected decision date

Mid to February 2017

 Service specification (PDF, 1.40MB)

The grant application has now closed (Deadline 12pm midday Friday 23rd December 2016)

Please note applications now received after this time and date will not be considered.

If you have any queries regarding your application please contact Diana Harper


1. Complete an application form

Please send application forms to by midday 12pm Friday 23rd December 2016.

Filling in your application takes time and it is best not to tackle it on your own or in one go. We want to make a fair assessment but can only base this on the information you provide us within the application. 

2. Application assessment 

We will confirm that we have received your application by Friday 6th January 2017.

We may contact you with questions during our assessment but this is often not necessary

3. The decision 

We aim to let you know our decision by Mid-February 2017

4. Documents return

We will send an offer letter to you, there is a possibility that may request supporting documents.

5. Implementation 

We will work with the successful applicant(s) to produce their implementation plan that will cover the first 6 months of their delivery.

  • Check that your organisation can apply and we can fund what you want to do
  • Think about the need you want to meet and how an IAGES grant might help you do this.
  • Make a list of all the things you think we need to know about your application.
  • Get together a small group from your management committee or staff to go through the questions on the form and jot down the main points that answer them. Use your checklist to make sure you have not missed anything.
  • If you are not sure what a question means, or are having issues phone Diana Harper 01473 264409 or email and we will be happy to explain further.

Before you send your application to us check the following;

  • Check that you have answered every question we have asked within our application. Any incomplete application forms will not be accepted.
  • Remember to keep a copy of your application form in case we contact you with questions.
  • Check your answers, make sure you explain the need you have identified and how this meets our outcomes.
  • Please check your finance budget is accurate.