Moving to or away from Suffolk

Find out what happens when you move to or away from Suffolk, known as continuity of care.

Continuity of care is when you receive care and support from one council in England and you move home to another area without a break in your care. 

What to do if you’re moving to a different area

Contact Customer First by using the webchat feature at the bottom right of the page. Let us know you are moving away from Suffolk so that we can start the continuity of care process.

We will send your new council:

  • your current care and support plan
  • your current carer's support plan if they’re moving with you
  • any other information relating to you or your carer

Your new council will then talk to you before you move about the support you and your carer may need. They may visit you in your new home to see if your needs have changed after moving.

You have the option of contacting your new council directly, if you feel this could be helpful. 

Moving to Suffolk

Speak to your existing council who will start the transfer of care process. You can also contact Customer First to make them aware of your intention to move into Suffolk, however your existing council will do this as part of the transfer process.  

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