Your feedback on our website

We've received lots of feedback about our new website. Find out what people think, and how we've responded to your comments.

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SCC Website on Desktop and MobileThe new Suffolk County Council website was launched in June 2015.

Throughout the development of the new website, we've been asking for feedback. You've responded with hundreds of comments.

This page summarises the reaction to the new It also shows how we've acted on your feedback - and improved the website based on your suggestions. 

The overall response

The public feedback on our new website from users overall has been very positive.

Below are some results from your feedback on the new website:

  • 85% agreed it was better than the old 
  • 78% agreed it was clear and easy to read and understand 

The new also received an average rating (out of 5) of:

  • 4.43 for its design 
  • 4.57 for its ease of use

Using your feedback

While the overall reaction to the new website has been positive, you've given us suggestions for improvement throughout the development process.

Your constructive criticism has directly led to changes that have improved our new website. Below are some examples of your suggestions, and what we changed. 

Our original new homepage

When we published early versions of our new website homepage, you said:

  • 'Change the orange/brown tiles'
  • 'Make some of your categories clearer'
  • 'Add more details about each information category'
  • 'Some of the icons aren't right - create new ones'
  • 'Make the search bar more prominent'


Our live homepage

We've made a number of significant changes to our new homepage based on your feedback, including: 

  • designing a new colour scheme for our information tiles
  • making some categories clearer, e.g. e.g. Adult social care and health
  • adding summary text of what's included in each category
  • creating new icons for some categories, e.g. Jobs, careers and business
  • making the search bar more prominent at the top of the homepage


Our original new landing pages

When we showed some of our early versions of new landing pages, you said:

  • 'There's too much white space - be more concise'
  • 'It's more difficult to read centralised text - can you left-align it?'
  • 'The page summary is too long, make it shorter'
  • 'The icons are too big and not right - make them different and smaller' 
  • '"Most popular" doesn't feel right - can this be improved?' 


Our live landing pages

We've made lots of changes to our new landing pages, including:

  • better use of space - less white space
  • left-aligned the page title and page summary
  • shortening the page summary 
  • creating new icons and resized them to include 5 options
  • changing "Most popular" to "Most viewed" as a section title


Our original new content pages

When we showed early versions of our content pages, you said: 

  • 'Remove the section heading (e.g. "Schools and education") - it's not needed'
  • 'Left-align the page title and page summary to make it easier to read'
  • 'Have less white space on the page - it's too fragmented'
  • 'Move the left-hand side bar to the right so all the text is aligned the same'
  • 'Use different functions, e.g. tabs, to make content easier to scan'


Our live content pages

We made many changes to our new content pages, including:

  • removing the section heading (this is still visible in the breadcrumb trail)
  • left-aligning the page title and page summary  
  • using a lot less white space to ensure more efficient use of the web page
  • moving the side bar to the right so all headers and paragraphs begin on the same alignment
  • adding tabs and shoutboxes (see the grey bar below) to make content easier to scan


Please note: is continually being improved. While it's not possible to act on everyone's suggestions, we are continually reviewing and working on your feedback. 

Your positive comments

You've given us lots of positive comments about the website. Here is a small selection of the encouraging responses to the new

SCC Website on Mobile

"Clearer overall, with less clutter."

"Very clear layout, with appropriate categories."

"It was easy to find the area to report a problem with a footpath."

"Very well structured, easy to identify where to go and easy to read content throughout."

"It looks more modern, and professional than the old one."

"Navigation is much clearer and simpler. I like the layout of pages."

"Clear and concise information."

"It is easy for people with a visual impairment!"

"Good to have button to select the service you require."

"I like the quick links being the first thing you see, and looks very modern and up to date."

"The graphical design is appealing and everything is clearly laid out."

"Clear signposts, no overcrowding of information."

"Simple and clear design. Better search than most."

"Clean and concise presentation. Information has a logical layout."

"Look and feel made the content easy to access and read. The site is very user-friendly."

"It looks like a step towards the design of the GOV.UK website, which is practically flawless in its simplicity."

Thank you for all your responses, both positive and negative - constructive criticism helps us to fix issues and improve the website.